Supporting you through change, finding balance and fulfilment

Change: what to hold on to, what to let go, what to reach out for

You have a new job, new responsibilities, doing many things for the first time. You wonder whether recruiting made an error picking you. Perhaps you are leading a team for the first time. It’s tough to motivate them. You figure, it’s better to explain to them exactly what to do and how to do it – and to check on them regularly and closely.


Balance: overwhelm or riding the waves

Your previous role was well-defined. Now, you need to take care of people management & development, on top of ensuring the job gets done, perhaps also figuring out the strategy for your unit, ideally one that fits into the overall organization. You feel overwhelmed, not sure where to start, stuck.


Fulfilment: the spark

Perhaps you wake up in the morning, with no spark, no fire to propel you out of bed. You press the snooze button until you absolutely must get up. You used to have a spring in the step on your way to work. Not anymore. And you wonder whether this is all life has to offer. Perhaps you are killing it at jour job, you are performing well. But you wonder: am I performing well at the right thing?


Or perhaps everything is great – or should be great. You have achieved what you want and are continuing to get what you want. But you have a sense that something is missing. Perhaps you get a glimpse of that ‘something’ when you are out for a run on a sunny day, looking at a sunset, spending time with your kids, drinking the best coffee of your life.

If the above resonates with you as it does with me, then we share something already. That’s a great basis to work together. These deeply human challenges, how to look at them, how to move beyond them, is what I work on in my own life and through coaching I have the privilege to work on them with other people. It’s what inspires me, it gives me energy and a sense of purpose knowing I can be of help to others in this way.


If you are curious to learn more, get in touch with me.




What I bring to our coaching relationship
  • Focus on your personal growth

  • Listening deeply to you

  • Accountability: I will support you being accountable to yourself

  • Focus on the whole you

  • A fresh perspective

  • Intuition

  • Courage to be frank with you

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