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My coaching approach


I support you, so you can make a difference –
while staying true to yourself.


Sometimes we need an anchor: time to think, go deep, and (re)discover the ‘reason-why’, who we are, what we believe in and what we want for ourselves and others.


At other times we need an accelerator. We are stuck, reactive, perhaps restless but without really going anywhere. We know that more is possible if we can get ‘unstuck’.


I believe coaching serves both as anchor & accelerator. Coaching is a disruptive conversation, supporting you with a particular challenge by going deeper, or perhaps by changing perspective. It speaks not just to your analytical mind, but also makes use of your emotional and somatic intelligence. Coaching is about taking action and learning from it.


As a coach I support & challenge you on that journey, giving you the space to think out loud, explore and find out what works for you.

What clients value most


Calming presence

that allows them to think out loud and leaves them with more clarity


Perceptive guide

to 'know thyself' - gaining greater awareness of self & others

high support high challenge coaching.png

High support / high challenge

gives a renewed sense of
confidence and responsibility

How it works

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at a glance

My training & certifications

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